There’s no place like home.


And yet, many Americans have lost their homes, their loved ones, family, friends, jobs, and even their will to live.




I believe because we have lost our way. We are being told what to think, how to act, what to believe, what is true and what is false. Of course, this is all nonsense. Right?


Truth. What's that, there’s no such thing as truth. This is one of the many big lies we are expected to choke down every day. This didn’t used to happen in America not in the America I grew up in. We have all been lulled to sleep by the freedoms we enjoy in this great country.


In the beginning, we had a family, friends, security, peace and happiness. There are many forces in the world that have taken those most precious rights away from many of us, all over the world. There was a Bastian of Hope left in the world, it was called the United States of America. But, she has lost her way we have let her be stolen piece by piece, bit by bit, too many forces of evil in the world. Greed, lust, envy, pride, wrath, gluttony and sloth have taken their place.


I cannot, and will not stand silent, and let our land be ravaged by these non-believers. I believe in Truth. I believe in Good and Evil. I will stand by my fellow citizens and fight to maintain these rights granted to us by our creator. The suffering in the world has always been of great concern to America. We have given up our sons and daughters to this fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are the foundations of our great country, and the Truth given by our Lord. We cannot be lead like sheep to the slaughter. It is time for true believers in these rights and liberties to stand up and be counted.


I am standing up, and I want you to stand with me. We are blessed to be residents of the greatest country in the world. I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I believe in her, and I believe in you. You have the power to light a candle in this present darkness.


Vote for me KAREN GENTILE - February 15th and April 5th for your Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors - LET'S WORK TO BRING BACK HOME.

Why I Am Running

I am running for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors District 1.


I want to find ways to use our funding to improve our police involvement in our community.


I want strict enforcement of those who would riot, bring violence and hate into our community, endangering our people and their property and businesses.


I want our children back in school, and all these restrictions against the unvaccinated to stop. I want the HIPPA law to be enforced, thereby protecting our rights of confidentiality.


I support the right of every individual young, old, rich, poor, disabled or infirmed to education and services that aid them and keep them as active members of our community. Every individual has something to contribute to our society.


I am running for a your family, and your community, and for you.

I want to help fund our road maintenance and road repairs with the sheriffs departments, and police departments stepping up driver safety especially around our school children, seniors and tourist attractions. Ticketing speeders and traffic violators and making arrests on all reckless drivers.


I want to increase attention and protect our school children, safety zones and school bus safety.


I want better effort on surveilling our children to and from school.  An increase in watching and protecting our children from traffic accidents and actively protecting our children from predators.


I want to restore business opportunities and help our city to grow. I care about revitalizing the commerce that we once enjoyed. We can utilize our many natural resources, and especially our great innovators an industrialists to guide us.


I want voter integrity restored.


I am in favor of legal immigration and determined to protect our borders from drugs gangs and violence.


I will demand fairness for every individual, and work diligently for every citizen of our community.


I want everyone to be protected and safe in our community and their homes.


I want to protect and preserve our wonderful resources, parks and services for all of our people.


I need your vote and support to accomplish this great task.